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Ground Reinforcement


TDP Netlon® Netpave® 50 (TDP Porous Paving System Case Study based on a Sustrans Connect2 Project)
A case study demonstrating Netlon® Netpave® 50 porous paving system, as a preferred surfacing solution, to create a new Sustrans Connect2 traffic free shared use path surface along 2.2 kilometers of seafront between Bexhill - Hastings in East Sussex.


Geosystems (AggRegain, WRAP)
Detailed guidance about Geosystems – what a geosystems is, the environmental, social and economic benefits of geosystem use, the main areas of geosystem application, descriptions of a number of geocomponents including real life examples, technical references, and other sources of information. Also geosystem guidance notes and case studies are available.

Ground Reinforcement Cellular Systems (Paving Expert)
Basic information about ground reinforcement cellular systems – the types of system and their construction.

Ground Reinforcing, Cellular & Grass Paving Systems Supplier Links (Paving Expert)
A comprehensive list of ground reinforcing, cellular and grass paving system manufacturers and suppliers.

Reinforced Grass Paving (Paving Expert)
Basic information about the types of reinforced grass paving – hopsack, spaced, cellular, reinforced turf and mesh protected and seed mixtures.

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