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A Brief Guide to Preparing Outdoor Access Plans - Scottish Natural Heritage
This guidance is intended to provide developers, local authorities and others in Scotland with practical advice on understanding the requirements, scope and benefits in producing a outdoor access plan - relevant to various types and levels of development proposals.

Outdoor Access and the Planning System - Scottish Natural Heritage
A commissioned research report about how access rights can and are being protected through the planning system and to what extent the Scottish Government's local authority guidance on the Land Reform Act is being implemented by planning authorities across Scotland. It also takes a forward look at what provisions are likely to be included in future development plans to protect outdoor access rights and where core path plans will sit in the context of those plans.


Cycle Infrastructure Design (Local Transport Note 2/08, Department of Transport)
Joint guidance between the Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly Government and the Department of Transport. Primarily aimed at local authority transport practitioners, it brings together and updates previously available guidance on on-road and off-road cycling provision into a single, comprehensive design guide.

Cycle Infrastructure: Design Guidance and Best Practice (SEStran)
Design and best practice guidance to help local authorities, developers and others involved in providing new cycling infrastructure, whether specifically for cycling or for taking cycling into account for all forms of transportation infrastructure. The guidance provides basic information about cycle auditing and monitoring that can be used to help identify measures to improve a particular infrastructure scheme, a route or part of a network for cycling based on five key principles – coherence, directness, attractiveness, safety and comfort. It also provides basic information about surfaces for both on-road and off-road cycle infrastructure provision.

Cycling by Design (Transport Scotland)
The primary focus of Cycling by Design is the establishment of guidance to ensure consistent and appropriate design, construction and maintenance of on-carriage and off-carriage cycling infrastructure throughout Scotland. The guidance provides detailed information about the principles of cycle lanes, kerb-segregated cycle lanes and bus lanes for on-road cycling facilities.


Developed by Paths for All Partnership, The Walkipedia signposts users to the key sources of information and evidence relating to walking, pedestrians, and active travel.

Topics include: Behaviour Change; Climate & Environment; Community & Participation; Physical, Mental and Social Health; Planning; Design & Safety; Active Travel; COVID-19; Economics & Benefits

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