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The Field Heel Test (Paths for All)
Fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to how to perform a simple field heel test to estimate the strength of the soil, where the path will be built. It will provide a guide to determining soil hardness, depth of sub base material and whether or not to install geotextile between soil and path sub base layers.

Upland Pathwork - Construction Standards for Scotland (Upland Path Advisory Group)
New 3rd edition good practice guidance manual covering the practical aspects of upland pathwork techniques including drainage, surfacing and site restoration. The manual also covers the basic principles in which the techniques should be used when upland pathworks are carried out.


Hjighways Agency - INTERIM ADVICE NOTE 184/14 Highways Agency Data & CAD Standard Instructions on naming conventions, file types and data structures for the delivery and transfer of CAD / BIM files to the Highways Agency and its supply chain.

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