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Upland Paths


Remote Accommodation System for Cairngorms Mountain Heritage Project (Cairngorms Outdoor Access Trust)
Detailed information about the development of a remote accommodation system to support path workers engaged in remote mountain path repair projects in the Cairngorms National Park area.

UPAG Site Visit to Ben Damph Estate 21 September 2015 (including funding discussion of future upland path work)

UPAG Site Visit to Ben Nevis 19 September 2016

UPAG Site Visit to Braeriach 2 July 2013

UPAG Site Visit to Braeriach 2 July 2013 Background Information

UPAG Site Visit to Glen Feshie 16 August 2012

UPAG Site Visit to the Lake District 22 September 2011

Upland Pathwork - Construction Standards for Scotland (Upland Path Advisory Group)
New 3rd edition good practice guidance manual covering the practical aspects of upland pathwork techniques including drainage, surfacing and site restoration. The manual also covers the basic principles in which the techniques should be used when upland pathworks are carried out.

Wool - Aggregate Path on Peat Specification Details (National Trust Lake District)
Generic specification details providing information about how to use sheep fleece, in place of a manufactured geotextile, to separate and float a constructed aggregate path from, and over, wet peat. The illustrated details outline the function of using sheep fleece, the type of fleece to use, and a step-by-step method of path construction using fleece. An example written description to use in a bill of quantities is also given.


Upland Path Management – Standards for Delivering Path Projects in Scotland's Mountains (Upland Path Advisory Group)
New 2nd edition online good practice guidance manual covers the process of managing an upland path project through the different stages. There is detailed information on project planning, upland path surveys, project delivery and contract management, managing health and safety, and training and developing the project team. In this new edition there are additional chapters on considering whether path work is the most sustainable solution, and consents and planning that could effect a project. This manual compliments the Upland Pathwork - Construction Standards for Scotland.

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