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Motorcycle Management


Motorcycles on Towpaths (British Waterways and the Fieldfare Trust)
This guidance is adapted from British Waterways internal guidance and originally commissioned project from the Fieldfare Trust by British Waterways. The purpose of the guidance is to suggest ways of dealing with the problems posed by unauthorised use of towpaths by motorcycles whilst trying to ensure best access for legitimate users. Although the information relates to towpaths, it has a wider purpose that can be applied to other types of routes used by legitimate access users.

Sustrans Standard Detail Drawing - Anti-Motorcycle Speed Humps

Understanding & Resolving Land-Use Conflicts Volume 1: Mountain Biking in Scotland (The James Hutton Institute)
The James Hutton Institute has undertaken and compiled research relating to understanding and resolution of rural land-use conflicts. Volume 1: Mountain Biking in Scotland is a first edition in a series of summary research reports. This summary research report examines the case of mountain biking as a recreational activity which has a high conflict potential, both in the recreational field and in the context of broader land-use interests. The report contains a number of articles documenting recent research into mountain biking - either in a Scottish setting or presented by researchers familiar with the Scottish context and its specific challenges and opportunities (e.g. large upland areas and liberal access laws). A number of the articles are intended to give the reader a better sense of the 'state of play' of biking in Scotland, as well as giving context to the remaining articles, which more explicitly address the issue of conflict. Each article has been summarised by its author in plain English, and provides four to five bullet points flagged up as implications for policy and practice.

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