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Department for Transport - Manual for Streets

Designing Streets Creating Places Toolbox (Scottish Government)
A Toolbox about designing streets in Scotland to deliver the street design policy statement. The Toolbox provides tools in three areas: guidance, process and confidence. Each tool created to do a specific task and designed to be easy to apply across a range of different practices. For example, to help improve the efficiency, and delivery, of the road construction consent and planning process. Some of the tools were developed in conjunction with Transport Scotland and SCOTS.

Designing Streets: A Policy Statement for Scotland (Scottish Government)
Designing Streets is the first policy statement in Scotland for street design and marks a change in the emphasis of guidance on street design towards place-making and away from a system focused upon the dominance of motor vehicles. It has been created to support the Scottish Government's place-making agenda and is intended to sit alongside the 2010 planning policy document Designing Places, which sets out government aspirations for design and the role of the planning system in delivering these.

Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors

Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors (I’DGO) was a ten-year project exploring if, and in what way, the ability to get out and about impacts on older people’s quality of life and what barriers there are to achieving this day-to-day


Manual for Streets (Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation)
Guidance for practitioners involved in planning, design, provision and approval of new residential streets, modifications to existing ones. It aims to increase the quality of life through good design which creates more people-orientated streets.


Place Standard Tool - How Good is Our Place? (Scottish Government, NHS Health Scotland, Architecture and Design Scotland)
A new place assessment tool to assist communities and professionals to assess the quality of places in Scotland. The Place Standard tool has been developed to support the delivery of high quality places and to help tackle/ reduce health inequalities.

Streets and Transport in the Urban Environment Guidelines Series (Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation)
A range of guidelines based on research work carried out over the last couple of years to assist street and transport professionals in implementing 'Manual for Streets'. There are four publications in the series: 'Involving the Public and Other Stakeholders', 'Planning for Walking', 'Designing for Walking', and 'Planning for Cycling'.

Streets Toolkit (Transport for London)
Transport for London (TfL), who is committed to raising the ambition for streets with a collaborative, design-led approach, have developed a toolkit containing design guidance to help planners, engineers, designers, and other practitioners create high quality streets and public spaces.

The Design of Streets with Older People in Mind (Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors)
Practical design guidance toolkit – 'The Design of Streets with Older People in Mind' – with design findings and recommendations for policy makers, planners, designers, architects, service providers. The toolkit complements wider UK policy and guidance, including the Manual for Streets (2007), Manual for Streets 2: Wider Application of the Principles (2010) and Designing Streets (2010).

Town Centre Toolkit (Scottish Government)
A toolkit containing ideas and examples of how people and organisations can make their town centre more attractive, more active, and more accessible. It should be used as a source of inspiration rather than a set of recommendations. The master planning toolkit is divided into three themes: attractive, active and accessible. This recognises that town centres must be all of these things to offer a positive choice to people. The most successful strategies will incorporate aspects of all of those themes.

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