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Access Control and Management


Cycling by Design provides guidance for cycling infrastructure design on all roads, streets and paths in Scotland. It aims to ensure that cycling is a practical and attractive choice for the everyday and occasional journeys of all people, particularly new, returning or less confident users

Working Practices for Landowners and Countryside Managers - May 2020
Prepared by the Visitor Safety Group (VSG), this guidance seeks to cover the key areas all landowners and countryside managers will need to consider and assess when re-opening and managing outdoor public access sites / attractions and associated indoor / enclosed spaces during COVID-19 restrictions.

This guidance should be underpinned by the regulations, guidance and advice from the relevant Government. The approach to lockdown and easing of restrictions differs in each devolved Country within the UK.

It is designed to be read in conjunction with ‘Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside – Principles and Practice’ (3rd Edition).


A Guide to Controlling Access on Paths (Sustrans)
New comprehensive guidance from Sustrans about assessing the need for and implementing appropriate access controls on paths, and reinforcing the message: !Is an access control required and if so why?!. Those of you who are path designers, the guidance will challenge you to consider the real evidence for the need to provide access controls on paths. From this starting point, alternative measures can then be considered before taking you through the process of designing appropriate access controls if that is what is required.

Outdoor Access Design Guide (Paths for All)
Comprehensive manual providing advice on the selection and design of structures that accommodate and assist public access in the countryside. Detailed technical drawings and specifications are available for the construction and installation of gaps and barriers, gates, stiles, steps and ramps, fences, boardwalks and seats and picnic tables.

Scottish Canals Towpath Code of Conduct
Leaflet outlining steps that can be taken to ensure Scotland’s canal towpaths are available for everyone to enjoy - walkers, cyclists, runners and users with disabilities.

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