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Barriers - Access


Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works, Volume 3 - Highway Construction Details. Section 1 - H Series "Fences, Stiles and Gates"
A series of standard detail drawings for a variety of fence, stile and gate designs

Outdoor Access Design Guide (Paths for All)
Comprehensive manual providing advice on the selection and design of structures that accommodate and assist public access in the countryside. Detailed technical drawings and specifications are available for the construction and installation of gaps and barriers, gates, stiles, steps and ramps, fences, boardwalks and seats and picnic tables.

Understanding the British Standard for Gaps, Gates and Stiles BS5709: 2006 Explained (Pittecroft Trust)
Explanatory note on the British Standard 5709: 2006 Gaps, Gates and Stiles – Specifications, setting out eight 'rules' applicable to all BS5709 compliant structures.

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